Bringing You into yourself

Every day, we are faced with questions that force us to make decisions:

Should I stay in my job? Pursue this relationship? Take this risk? Seize that opportunity? Should I turn left or right? Should I go up or down? Let go of that friendship? Should I buy this? Throw that? What should I do? Where should I go? What should I say?

We are often told to follow our heart, our passion, or follow what makes us happy. I have a few other thoughts.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know what makes us truly happy. Is the happiness gained from achieving or losing something genuine? Or is it temporary? Sometimes, we are still discovering our happiness, as we are still discovering ourselves.

How about, instead, we ask ourselves, “Does this bring me deeper into myself? Or does this take me away from myself?”

How do you feel, when you are inside yourself? How do you feel when you are disconnected from yourself, far from the person you are?

In this realm of the Earthly life experience, our emotions are our navigators. Follow them. They are telling you what resonates and what doesn’t, what serves you and what hurts you, what will help you grow, and what will make you weep. They are bittersweet friends, guiding us deeper into ourselves.

When do you feel calm, centered, empowered, alive, focused, happy, secure, self-loving, and fulfilled?

I feel this way when I am wholly connected to myself. When I live from the authentic nature of my true Self. When I am honoring my wants and needs, my hopes and sorrows. I feel this way when I fully know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my own power, my own abilities, my role in the play of the cosmos.

In the times that I have felt disconnected from myself, I felt lost, confused, sad, hurt, angry, obsessive, anxious, nervous, unsafe, unstable, and fearful.

We either live inside ourselves or outside ourselves. We can live in strength or fear, love or grief. We cannot have both at once.

Does this opportunity make you feel alive or hesitant? Does this friendship make you feel energized or exhausted? Does this relationship give you clarity or confusion? Do you feel more enthralled by the right or left path? Will this decision bring you closer into yourself, or will it take you outside of yourself?

What could be more important in this world than You, than residing in your own sacred Self?

You know the answer.


Blessed we are

Blessed We Are by Peia


Blessed we are

To dance on this ground

With the rhythm of saints

To carry the sound

A prayer for the Earth

And those yet to come

May you walk in beauty

And remember your song


Remember why you came here

Remember your life is sacred



The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions

I wrote these questions this morning as a testament to my commitment to continue my personal growth and spiritual development. They are birthed out of a yearning to realize my full potential Self in this lifetime. Reading these daily, regularly, and consistently will focus the mind to seek the answers to these questions both within and without. Energy flows where attention goes. What we focus on will become the highlight of our conscious experience. It’s time to focus on self-fulfillment, self-discovery, and self-realization! This so that we may then best serve the divine, the world, and everyone in it.

  • How can I generate a passive flow of regular, consistently increasing income?
  • How can I invest intelligently to continue compounding my earnings at an exponential rate?
  • How can I increase my conscious awareness daily and tap into the flow of divinity?
  • How can I deepen my connection to and awareness of my divine nature?
  • How can I strengthen the voice of my inner intuition over all other voices?
  • How can I increase my self-discipline, willpower, and commitment to realizing my fullest potential?
  • How can I love myself a little more today than I did yesterday?
  • How can I experience a little more love and joy today than I did yesterday?
  • How can I raise my frequency and vibration today, higher and higher?
  • How can I honor my Self a little more today, and the Self in others as well?
  • How can I cultivate a little more grace, a little more beauty, a little more courage, and a little more peace within today?
  • What can I offer the world today? What can I give to others with love today?
  • How can I best serve God today?
  • How can I align my mind, my thoughts, my emotions, my desires, and my goals with the divine mind and desires today?
  • How can I expand my potential, and achieve greater self-realization and self-fulfillment today?
  • How can I stay more centered and grounded within my own being today?
  • How can I awaken to my magnificence, wonder, beauty, intelligence, and divinity today?

With love,


Evening Prayer

Tonight, I surrender to what is.

I surrender to the flow of life. I accept how things are. I lay aside my own will and desires based in a limited perspective for the knowing of the highest part of me: everything is always happening as it should, regardless of whether it appears that way or not. *Praise love for this moment in its perfection.

*The last line is taken from the Isha System by spiritual teacher Isha Judd

It is in the light for me to be happy

I first heard the concept “It is in the light…” in a track by Stin Hansen. Stin is a thought coach and has created hundreds of tracks with thoughts that uplift the mind and spirit. I especially enjoy listening to them during my morning walks to work.
I personally feel a subtle but very noticeable shift in my energy and mood when I use this statement. If I feel an emotion such as grief arising while using it, this indicates to me that it’s hitting against a limiting belief or internalized negative concept and rewiring it. Recently, I’ve been chanting these words to myself throughout the day, affirming my own value, worth, and entitlement to all things happy and blissful because I am a part of this magnificent Universe.
There’s a beautiful quote from Hugo Cabret for those of us just beginning to re-discover our value.
“I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need.”
This is a metaphor that emphasizes that we are all part of this brilliant Universe, and we are not an extra part, or a mistake, or in the wrong place, or the wrong era, or the wrong planet. We are here because we are meant to be here. To the Universe, we have just as much value as the stars, galaxies, or any wondrous thing. This is intrinsic and eternally so. There is nothing we must do to earn it, nothing we must do to deserve it, only to recognize and affirm. Let the world know you’ve discovered the grand secret – that all along, you were more valuable than you could have imagined. That you are more brilliant than you could have ever dreamed of. That you are more amazing than anything or anyone you’ve ever encountered.
It is in the light for me to be happy
It is in the light for me to be joyous
It is in the light for me to be wealthy
It is in the light for me to be healthy
It is in the light for me to be fulfilled
It is in the light for me to be loved
It is in the light for me to be prosperous
It is in the light for me to be successful
It is in the light for me to be surrounded by love and light
It is in the light for me to be divinely guided
It is in the light for me to be peaceful
It is in the light for me to be abundant
It is in the light for me to be and become the highest version of myself
It is in the light for me to live the life of my dreams
It is in the light for me to see and know my beauty, value, and magnificence
It is in the light for me to love and be loved
It is in the light for me to have joyful, loving, and healthy relationships
It is in the light for me to achieve my goals
It is in the light for me to know the truth about myself and existence
It is in the light for me to live in the light
Finally, inspired by the piece “Secret Vaults of Heaven” by Praful Mystik, join me in asking these beautiful questions to your Self every morning, evening, or throughout the day – and in Praful’s beautiful melody!
My dear, how can I be more loving to you?
How can I be more kind, see your beauty and your light?
How can I be more gentle, caring, and supportive to you?
With all my love,