Walking the Red Road

Indigenous traditions refer to the “red road” as the path of the Great Spirit, the unifying force of all of life. There is no doubt that this Universe has been intelligently designed. The intelligence in a single cell – of parts that fuel it, parts that heal it, and parts that allow it to contribute to its environment, surpasses random chance. The organization of atoms, the micro- which serves as a holographic-fractal of the macro-, is not random. The argument that existence is characterized devoid of meaning, purpose, and intelligent order is meaningless in itself. There is nothing that is meaningless. This is particularly true with the human experience. The grandest mystery concerning mankind is the mystery of himself. Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I to go? What is my experience? And above all – why? Why is my experience?

When we are young, we are filled with such questions. Exploring the world around us while attempting to understand ourselves and the mysterious world we inhabit. As we evolve, from childhood to adolescence, so does our perception. Our view is no longer table-height, our reach surpasses our parent’s waist, and our mind, open or closed, in proportion to the amount of light within us that we have refused to allow be extinguished.

In addition to 7.5 billion lives on Earth today, there are 7.5 billion realities. Each reality is characterized by its own perspective, belief system, emotional charge, set of experiences, and personality.

The longing to come home – I was 19 when I first felt it. I was mired in a profound depth of sadness, agony, and frustration at the world’s expectations towards me – who I must be, who I must become, and what I must accomplish. Then the tears came, the yearning for freedom, for liberation from the matrix of accepting the world’s demands while rejecting myself. There is nothing more painful, I have found in my personal experience, than separation from one’s own Self. There are 7.5 billion individuals, all seeking themselves. A few who may have uncovered the truth. But the majority is still immersed in the dance of life. Every movement or lack thereof, impacts another. Every thought impacts everything in existence.

These are profound truths. The awakened know this. They know how powerful they truly are – with every aspect of their being – they have the power to shape life itself. The intelligence that has created all of existence, created us too. And we too, coming from an intelligent creator, have precisely those same attributes of our source. The unified oneness , the-all-that-had-ever-existed, had only itself, and it is itself that it molded to an infinite number of forms, in part, to re-discover itself and its own magnificence.

The key to self-discovery is the growth of awareness. The greater the awareness, the greater the power to create – to think, move, and execute with pure intention, presence, and consciousness. All the creative life-force is then concentrated with a grand intensity, then shifting from within to without (which really is also within, but we perceive it as without). Just as the great oneness had done when creating, so do we too create in exactly the same way. We are the grand masters, we have only to re-discover these truths. The evidence surrounds us in every moment. You need only notice the immense creations all around us – buildings, families, institutions. We have been masterful creators all along, completely ignorant of this fact. The life that you live, the way that it looks today, it is so because you have created it so, knowingly or unknowingly. Within each of us, lives an agent of separation – more commonly known as the Ego. The shadow aspect of our intelligent life-form. It’s purpose being to resist this re-discovery – just enough to make the game fun, interesting and manageable but not impossible. Herein lies the hero’s journey. In overcoming the illusions, false truths, and false perceptions, veil after veil falls away to reveal the ultimate truth.

Who are you to be so great? The ego asks.

Who are you to think that you are a creator, a powerful being? The ego muses.

What of all of those times that you’ve been wronged by others and by life itself – will you just pretend that none of that matters? The ego questions.

The truth is, that it doesn’t matter. We are on a canvas, and we get to paint the picture we desire. We may have had certain experiences, to integrate certain teachings into our beings – perhaps regarding forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, humility, serving others, compassion, generosity, gratitude. Whatever the concept may be, it is only there for our ultimate evolution. We are pendulums, swinging towards the center, and after perhaps a few hundred million lifetimes, we may eventually reach the center. The wiser and more calmer we become – the the more centered we become, and ultimately we will find ourselves entirely still, in the absolute center.

The red road is this journey to the center of ourselves. Everyone is on it already. But not everyone is aware. Not everyone is conscious of the meaning and impact of their journey – both upon themselves, on others, and on this Earth. The difference is simply that in being aware, life tastes more fuller, more thrilling, more vibrant and more fulfilling. To live a life that is fulfilling, is to live in conscious awareness. Because it is only then are we truly accessing our innate potential, our powerful abilities, our gifts and talents. And it is only then that we become masterful creators on the canvas of life. As you become a masterful creator on the canvas of your life, join me into the depths of the most profound aspects of our world and of our lives. I look forward to sharing deeply spiritual insights, heart-warming stories, art, music, food, and wisdom – all designed for the purpose of sparking a deeper curiosity of the Self, of Truth, and all that is hidden beyond the veil of appearances.

As one of my favorite spiritual mentors, Tina Turner, would say – “Go inside of you, true values you’ll find, beyond, beyond.”


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